Stages of Sibling Life

Stages of Sibling Life

Several weeks ago I was asked to “come up with something about siblings” by my friends at Brain, Child Magazine¬†for their siblings blog series. So I sent over a cartoon sketch I had done a while back (shown below), but then got to thinking more about the subject and suddenly all these images of sibling life I had observed between Ben and Grace over the years started to surface. I confess I had to make some of this up (unlike the cartoon that follows, which is verbatim). Ben never did make eye contact with Grace in the hospital — not because she couldn’t actually yet see that far, but rather because he spent his entire visit to the hospital figuring out how to work the door handle to the bathroom.

Here’s the rejected cartoon…”Messing with Reality.” Make sure to take note of the dog!

Mess w Reality_draft


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