Going Tennis Mental

Going Tennis Mental

This is what happens when the wheels come off the mental bus on the tennis court. There’s no question that tennis is a head game. Some say 90% of what it takes to win is related to mental toughness and the ability to stay present, focused and positive. I can tell you that once the ghost-of-the-blown-shot works its way into the picture, it can become impossible to rationalize that the reason you’re losing is simply because your opponent is a lot better than you are.

Imagine if sportscasters could get inside a tennis player’s head and present stats on their every thought, the way they do their every move, during a match.

mental stats 2 I would love to see that!

One thought on “Going Tennis Mental

  1. Um… what about “OMG, my partner HATES me… right now.” And then minutes later: “OMG, my partner HATES me. Period.”

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