Any Nut Will Do

I have always loved drawing nuts, but this is the first drawing I can recall that includes a variety of nuts that are actually food.









This is also the first drawing that I did to provide my friend Karen Swanson some illustrations for her excellent blog, “Goin Lo-Co: No-Med Journey to Lower Cholesterol.” She doesn’t need the illustrations because her writing is wonderful — a pleasure to read, full of good ideas and completely engaging even to someone like me whose diet consists primarily of bacon, ribeye steaks and, I’ll admit it, blue sno-cones and crispy chicken skin.

Dogs Evolved From Plants

The similarity between our neighbor’s dog Sparky’s tail and Van Gogh’s cypress trees is what got me going on this. I have a list of more examples to draw once I get around to it. ¬†For instance, we have a weeping Katsura tree that bears a striking similarity to a shih tzu’s ponytail.

Under Construction

My blog mentor, Karen Swanson, requested this drawing as a placeholder when first setting up this site. Except for the bobbypin, these are some of the materials I like to have within my reach at all times. Missing are two essential tools: a black Pigma Micron 01 pen and an X-Acto knife. The knife I use primarily for lightly scraping off small mistakes. Large mistakes result in a crumpled up wad being hurled into the trash and starting over from scratch.